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Gameday Open Thread

Tonight we play Phoenix and let me tell you, just like the last two presidential elections this one't going to be all about the "W", baby.  Book it.

Leave your pre-game thoughts, in-game commments, and all that other stuff below.  We'll be updating occasionally as we go and there will be the usual recap afterwards.


Pre-game update: We're having a Blazersedge Martell prediction contest here at courtside. The official prognosticational forecasts for Martell's points are: Ken 23, Ratbastird 22, PhotographerDave 19, BloggerDave 18, and the devastating groupie magnet Lance Uppercut 20.

Update: Starting lineup is Freeland, Mancinelli (?), Hamilton, Sergio, and Martell.

Update: We look disjointed so far...just like we have been all week. No consistent rebounding, little coordination on offense, turnovers...

First Quarter Update: The no-name EUROPEANS are taking over BAYBEE! Mancinelli--of whom I have ALWAYS been a supporter--has created several plays with his hustle. Koponen has been defending decently, making nice passes, and he hit that buzzer-beating three to end the quarter. McRoberts, who is an honorary European tonight because he looks like Mancinelli, had a monster throw-down and a couple nice passes. Way to go beyond-the-pond dudes! Blazers down one at the quarter.

Update: Taurean Green is tearing it up but the rest of the Blazers are getting tired. We're not getting back on defense. Lots of guys in the game who don't get big minutes. McRob is a scoring machine but the offense works better when the big guys don't just grab and shoot.

Halftime Update: Several guys are having standout offensive nights but we're wasting it by letting quick guards get past us and score. When they do miss we're not rebounding. Also our transition defense is slow. Because of Green outside and McRoberts and Hamilton inside we maintain a four point lead. We need far more defensive energy and execution in the second half if we're going to keep that lead.

Third Quarter Update: We've tightened up a little in transition but the Phoenix quicks are still killing us. We're passing maybe to a fault, but I guess that's better than one-on-one all night. We are drawing fouls by being more aggressive on offense though we're shooting around 66%, a chronic problem all Summer League for us. We head into the fourth down by two.