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George Karl Reacts to Steve Blake

I got the chance to talk with Denver head coach George Karl for a couple minutes about the Steve Blake signing today.  Here are his thoughts:

Blazersedge:  What are Steve Blake's strengths?

Karl: He knows how to make a team work.  He does what the coach needs.  He's a glue guy who fits in and helps other people fit in too.  That's an attribute that's underrated in our league.  Nate was that kind of player too.

Blazersedge: How seriously did the Nuggets pursue him?

Karl:  I don't have access to that information.  I'm comfortable we made him a good money offer.  He liked Portland.  He has a house there and sometimes that makes a difference.  Nate also pursued him.  Nate told me several times how much he liked him.  That makes you feel good when an old coach wants you back.

Blazersedge:  How do you see Blake fitting in to Portland's team?

Karl:  He's not a veteran veteran but with all of their young guys he'll be a maturing, steady influence.