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Best and Worst

Side note to start:  See DJ's diary to the right for the latest on Steve Francis and his buyout.

On to the main topic...

A couple of weeks ago I was doing an interview and the host asked me how I thought the Blazers would do in the coming season.  I couldn't pin a spot down so I said the best I could possibly imagine them doing is 6th in the West and the worst around 11th.  I thought I'd pass the question on to you today.

What are the highest and lowest spots you see the Blazers possibly claiming in the coming year?  For highest assume that we have a miracle season where everything goes right.  Don't assume the reverse for lowest because obviously if all five starters break their feet in a freak bowling ball accident we're going to be last.  For worst just assume a pretty bad, but otherwise ordinary, year.

Explanations with your predictions would be appreciated.