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Gameday Open Thread

It's gameday again at Summer League.  This thread will be open for any and all comments and I'll be updating throughout the evening.  Enjoy the Oden-less, Lamarcus-free version of our Summer League squad!

Update: Starting lineup is Freeland, Mancinelli, Sergio, Martell, and Zendon Hamilton.

Update: So far the game seems to be intentionally up-tempo. Sergio is doing well...on offense. Martell is shooting more aggressively.

Update: Martell is being VERY aggressive offensively. He's also calling out plays to people. Perhaps having the main guys out is good for him...

First Quarter Update: Blazers lead 23-22 after one. The smalls are playing well which is opening up space inside for the bigs. Expert commentary from Blazer media guru Scott Zachary: "They're spreading it around. Everybody who needs to shoot well is. They're shooting 65% and that's all you need to know. McRoberts is playing well."

Halftime Update: The teams is still playing well and fairly cohesively. Sergio had a couple of defensive glitches early but he really manned up in the second quarter. I was impressed! The Euros are getting open looks outside and our bigs are fairly mobile inside. Everybody looks more relaxed and focused the pressure is off. This is nice to see.

Update: Kevin Pritchard says to Blazersedge readers: We're playing hard and playing well. We're hitting our shots. Taurean and Koponen are playing well. We're out there to compete...that's our whole thing.

Update: Still running, still bombing, still Martelling it up. We're also getting back well in transition, much better than in earlier games. 12 point lead now.

Update: Sergio and Martell continued to take over. The defense became a little more porous as we gambled but we're still playing adequately.

Mike Rice says: There's a lot better flow tonight. The guards are being more aggressive and the big men, especially McRoberts, are passing well. Everything is more relaxed. In the first two games it was slower and there was a certain amount of deferring to the big men. Today everybody's quicker and looser. It was starting to happen in scrimmages with the two main guys anyway. With them out it's accelerated. We had more fast breaks in the first half tonight than in the last two games combined.

Update: We're getting stuck in the halfcourt on offense and it's killing us. When we run we score. If not we're dependent on whistles and jumpers.

Final Update: Well, we're going to lose again. There were still some nice things going on...guards and McRoberts mostly. I'll have a game recap in a few hours. I haven't eaten for nine hours so that's first.