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And Afterwards You Get All the Ice Cream You Can Eat...

No doubt you've heard by now that Jason Quick is reporting Greg Oden's Summer League may be finished because of tonsilitis.  Because G.O. might have to go to the O.R. his P.T. is D.O.A.  This was somewhat anticlimactic, but what can you do?  At least it wasn't the chicken pox.  Eight thousand reporters would be itching and scratching all over if it were.

So let's ask a silly question today:  given the very preliminary glance you've had at Oden, what do you think of our first pick now?  Are you bummed and disillusioned like most of the national press who got their pet story stolen from them?  Are you still optimistic?  Are you convinced we made the right choice or does watching Lamarcus operate in the post make you wish we had taken Durant all the more?  And even if you are 100% in Oden's camp has this experience tempered your expectations for his performance this year?