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An Open Invitation to Dan Patrick

Unless you've been living in sports celibacy the last couple days you know that the big news is that Dan Patrick is leaving ESPN in August, ostensibly without a place to land job-wise.  It seems sad to me that such a revered and talented figure should get stuck in that situation.  So I'm issuing this open invitation right now:

Dan...when your tenure at ESPN is over please come and be co-blogger at  The pay's not great.  Everything we take in for advertising goes right back out in the form of contest prizes.  But think of all the advantages!  After years in the grimy, slimy trenches at the Four-Letter Network you can steep yourself again in humble sports purity.  You get to root for a smaller-town team...a team that by all accounts is now full of great guys and headed in the right direction.  You get to interact with passionate, intelligent fans at a grass-roots level.  (They even write back to you sometimes!)  You do know we were voted the 8th Most Influential NBA Blog in all the land, right?  How can you beat that?  Personally I think you will love every minute of it and your gift for obtaining and prosecuting the greatest interviews in all of sports-talk land--plus your special relationship with Commissioner Stern--will come in handy around here too.

So how about it Dan?  I wouldn't elevate just anybody to the lofty status of Blazersedge co-blogger.  So far only you and Jessica Alba are even on the list of possibilities.  Let me know.

--Dave (