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Sleeping With the Enemy

Michael and JasonT (via diary) both passed along this link from a L*kers forum.  They're talking about impressions of the Blazers.  As in every forum the post quality varies.  A couple people talk about the Blazers being bad for years to get this lineup.  (Fair criticism but it's not so easy as they think to get out of that.  See also:  Atlanta, Milwaukee, et al.)  Several people mention "luck".  (OK, but we made the most of it.)  Just ignore the chumpstain who used the world "tanking".

PLEASE...I didn't provide this link so folks could go over there and incite a flame war.  It's their forum, just let them have it.  There's no need for us to comment there and I don't particularly want to be deleting L*ker comments from here all day and night so let's all just keep our little traps shut, eh?  I just wanted folks to be able to read what other people are saying about the Blazers because a lot of it is positive...more than you'll see in the average post about another team.  That makes it a nice read.

Link here.

--Dave (