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Outside the Box

You've had a couple weeks to contemplate having the #1 pick.  You've heard a ton about Greg Oden now including his remarkable workout performance numbers.  (See diaries to the right for links if you haven't caught up on those.)  So let's think outside the box this morning and talk about a different scenario:

If we had a magic time machine and could go back to the Shaq or Duncan drafts knowing what we know now we would have done anything possible to move up to that #1 pick, including offering any player on our roster.  We don't have a time machine, of course, but in this case we don't need one.  We have the pick!  That means the shoe is on everybody else's foot.  Given the buzz surrounding Oden you've got to believe that a lot of GM's would be willing to give almost anything to move into that top slot and get him.

Imagine with me that there's at least a possibility that any player in the NBA is yours if you will trade the pick.  And by any I mean literally ANY.  What player(s), if any, would you accept in trade for that pick right now?

Make your list in the comment section below.  If you wouldn't trade the pick for any player anywhere let us know that too.  I am curious to hear your response and rationale.

--Dave (

P.S.  If you want to sign up to be a GM in our mock draft make sure to scroll through yesterday's posts and leave a comment in the appropriate one.  Or if you're really that lazy, click here. The slots will close after this evening because we need to give our GM's time to prepare.