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Max Contract

A fantastic announcement!

Astute observers will notice that we have our first and best sponsor back with an ad in the sidebar.  (There's another ad underneath his, but it's temporary.)  Check this out...

Max, from, has agreed to buy advertising space for an entire year.  What that means is that yes, there will be contests and prizes again next season.  (So far I've put every dime of ad revenue I've gotten from the site and then some into those prizes and t-shirts and such.)

Even more... Max has graciously donated a $200 voucher at to go the grand prize winner of next year's prediction contest!  He says that's enough for four new tires on many cars and a very substantial discount on most others.  Or it could give you a start on those sweet rims you've always wanted for your ride.

I appreciate each and every person who reads and comments at this site.  You all add something wonderful and support the community, each in your own way.  Max is also doing something in his own way that supports all of us and I think he deserves some thanks.

The next time you need tires or rims or whatever, would you at least think of and shoot Max a note to see what he could do for you?  It never hurts to explore your options and I'd love to think that some of the support Max has shown here would be shown to him.

Even if you're not in the market right now, if you go ahead and click on that Bestwheel ad you will find a huge selection of tires, wheels, rims and whatnot.  It's fun to shop around.  And if you want to click on "contact us" and thank them for their sponsorship, that would just be nifty.  Max reads the site just like you do, so he's really one of us.

Thanks again Max!

--Dave (

P.S.  For anyone who's new and doesn't know, the banner ads on top of the page and in the middle of the comment section are for our parent company and though they're nifty, they do not directly provide revenue to Blazersedge.  The ads in the left sidebar are what support our contests and the site directly.  Some, like the horse-racing one, are network wide and temporary.  When we get a semi-permanent sponsor like I'll let you know.