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Blazersedge Final Draft Board (First Draft)

We have set up the first draft of the Blazersedge Final Draft Board.  I have compiled the suggested players below roughly in the order they seemed to be ranked.  Two things remain before we can run an official mock draft:

1.  We need to review this list:

--Did we leave anybody out?
--Did we put anybody on there who has since withdrawn?
--Are people sorted MOSTLY correctly in terms of position?

2.  Once the list is reviewed we need to assemble our mock draft GM's.  Here's how it will work:

--Indicate in the comment section below if you'd like to participate.
--There isn't a huge commitment to being a Mock Draft GM, just checking the site on the appropriate day and registering your pick. But...
--If you do want to participate you should have a decent knowledge of most of these players and the needs of various NBA teams.  We don't need to have a perfect draft but I would like something that a Chad Ford or Kevin Pritchard could look at without saying, "That's completely ridiculous!"
--We will divide up the teams by the number of Mock Draft GM's we get signed up.  You may get one team, two, or many.
--We'll give the GM's a couple days to bone up and we'll run the draft.
--We will only draft for the first round.
--The BLAZERS' picks will be by popular vote.  We will all be Portland's GM.
--I say "picks" for the Blazers because I'm going to throw in a draft day trade giving the team at least one more first rounder.

That's about it.  Review this list and see if it needs correction then sign up to be a Blazersedge Mock Draft GM if you wish!

--Dave (

Because the lines between positions are somewhat blurred in the new NBA I have listed players by four categories.

Power Players

Greg Oden
Al Horford
Yi Jianlian
Brandan Wright
Joakim Noah
Tiago Splitter
Spencer Hawes
Josh McRoberts
Glen Davis
Marc Gasol
Aaron Gray
Sean Williams
Ante Tomic
DeVon Hardin
Kyle Visser
Kyrylo Fesenko  
Artem Zabelin
Stanko Barac
Jason Smith
Nick Fazekas

Bigger Wings

Kevin Durant
Corey Brewer
Jeff Green
Julian Wright
Alando Tucker
Thaddeus Young
Marcus Williams
Trey Johnson
Al Thornton

Smaller Wings

Rudy Fernandez
Nick Young
Marco Belinelli
Daequan. Cook
Aaron Affalo
Derrick Byars
Morris Almond
Rodney Stuckey
Marcus Williams
Adam Haluska
Zabian Dowdell

Point Guards

Mike Conley
Acie Law
Javaris Crittenton
Gabe Pruitt
Petteri Koponen
Aaron Brooks
Jared Jordan
Taurean Green
Mustafa Shakur
Bobby Brown