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More Draft Reflection

Another take on the draft, this one provided by our Official Blazersedge 2007-08 Poet Laureate, Dr. Dave!

A Night for the Ages

With dignified gait, pomp in the air
He confidently strides 'cross the floor.
Greatness exudes from the walls and the halls
As the champions walk through the door.

He steps to the podium, with nary a word
Every heart beats in anticipation
The heroes find places - you can tell from their faces
There's new meaning to 'high expectations'.

He spreads his hands and opens a book
The leaves all bordered in gold
As silence falls in that old ancient hall
Come the words we have heard from of old...

"Ladies and gentlemen...."

                * * * * *

I'm sorry to take this circuitous route
Forgive me for all the suspense
But it's not Mr. Stern or The Draft I describe
It's a higher, more noble event.

The one who stands at the podium here
Is known as the Keeper of Times
He writes on the pages of giants and ages
When exploits were truly sublime.

Within this book of history
Like numerals chiseled in stone
He scribes the names and deeds of those
Who made a mark of their own.

Russell, Chamberlain, Walton, Malone
Hakeem, Jabbar and Shaq
Others too, who made it through
The fire...yet stayed on track.

Now, all assembled for this great event
As solemn silence rings
The Keeper takes his pen in hand
Then pauses for one last thing...

"Young man, the names within this book
Are written in blood and tears
Through trial and testing came their fame
And son, I'm talkin' years
I know you've got within you now
The keys to get in here
But to honor those who went before
My pen must wait ten years".

A lump rose in the rookie's throat
His heartbeat jumped tenfold
Then, like a lion... his prey a spyin'
He quickened - strong and bold.

The young man stood in reverent pride
"Hold back that ancient pen!
But just so you know...when ten years go...
It's spelled G..........O - D - E - N ".