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Trade Rumor Update

An update to the other shoe dropping on our trade for a small forward...

As far as I know--and nothing is completely confirmed but this is the best I can figure out--both Mike Barrett and Kevin Pritchard were referring to the Phoenix James Jones trade when talking about a deal for a small forward that could not be executed until 10 days later.  This is not privileged information as it has already been reported by Barrett.  As near as we can figure out at this point that's the deal KP was talking about as well.  Sorry to disappoint all those hoping for a Francis or Frye turn-around.

Again...caveat...this is not offical information and I do not have any special pathway to the Blazer braintrust.  But until further notice I think you're safe in assuming this is the case.

If this has already been reported elsewhere I apologize.  I haven't had time to surf yet today.

--Dave (