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Repost: Draft Speak

I posted this several weeks ago but it seems appropriate to re-run it today.  In recent years the draft has been adorned with an almost limitless supply of talking heads analyzing and commenting on the various picks.  What's more, they now stick reporters in every significant war room and encourage team executives to pontificate on their own selections.  This has led to the rampant proliferation of what I call "Draft Speak"...trite, overused phrases designed to reduce a very complex process into an easily-swallowed, yet near-meaningless, sound-bite.  If you're not prepared it can drive you to confusion.  But never fear...Blazersedge is here to translate.  When you hear a pundit or GM spout a nebulous-sounding phrase and you want to know the real scoop all you have to do is look it up here and you'll know exactly what's going on.

Phrase:  "Even if we had gotten the first pick this is the guy we would have taken."

Translation:  We tried to trade this guy and one of our other players for the first pick but it was a no-go.

Phrase:  "This guy is a great team defender."  

Translation:  If you're lucky he'll score as many for your team as he gives up to the other one.

Phrase:  "Some say this guy is the next...[insert name of superstar here]."

Translation:  Somebody's been interviewing his mother and his agent.

Phrase:  "This guy is a project."

Translation:  His only discernable talent is height.

Phrase:  "Up to this point this guy has traded on his athletic ability."

Translation:  The ball-bearing in his head makes a neat sound when he dunks.

Phrase:  "This guy is a coach's dream."

Translation:  He can't jump or get his shot off over anything taller than a corner mailbox.

Phrase:  "He has an NBA body."

Translation:  He's 32.

Phrase:  "He's a late first round pick but he has lottery talent."

Translation:  He has late first round talent.

Phrase:  "He's a second round pick but he has late first round talent."

Translation:  He has late first round talent and major attitude problems.

Phrase:  "You don't have to box him into a certain position.  He's just a basketball player."

Translation:  The exact meaning depends on position.  Consult chart below:

--If he's a center or power forward he's too short.

--If he's a shooting guard or small forward he's too slow.

--If he's a point guard he can't pass.

Phrase:  "This was a safe pick for them."

Translation:  Here's another candidate for the coveted "10th Man of the Year" award.

Phrase:  "This guy could have benefited from another year in school."

Translation:  The Sioux Falls Skyforce just got another starting player.

Phrase:  "He comes from a winning program."

Translation:  All the players we really wanted were gone.

Hope that helps!  Happy commentating!

--Dave (