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Draft Day Nightmares

Does anyone else get the feeling things have been going too right for the Blazers lately?  I mean, these are the Portland Trail Blazers we're talking about here.  Can this really be happening or are we going to wake up soon?

In that spirit, a couple of potential draft day nightmares:

1.  "With the first pick of the 2007 NBA Draft the Portland Trailblazers select...Greg Oder."

Wait, Dan.  Greg Oder???  Who's that?

Hold on guys.  I believe I have something on him here.  Yes.  Greg Oder from Lewiston Forks Community College.  He's a four year senior who plays primarily in the post.  He scored 14 points a game for the Lewiston Forks Shaggy Sheep this year.  It says he's listed at 5'6" in shoes.

My guess is that somebody on the Blazers' staff has bad handwriting Dan.

2.  As expected ladies and gentlemen the Blazers have selected Greg Oden with the first overall pick.  He's on his way up to meet the commissioner now.  And...whooooop!  Slip!  CRRRRRAAAAAAACCCCCK!  Oh dear...that looked like his shinbone that broke.  Perhaps a blown MCL and ACL as well.  We won't speculate.

3.  And there's first overall pick Greg Oden posing with Commissioner Stern for his picture.  Curious...he's the only draft pick I can remember who went up to the stage with a cigarette in his hand.

Dan, that's not a regular cigarette., you're right.  It's not.

4.  "With the first pick of the 2007 NBA Draft the Portland Trail Blazers select...Stanko Barac from Bosnia-Herzegovina."

5. And now we throw it over to Stephen A. Smith.   Stephen A.?

The Portland Trailblazers have had a FANTASTIC draft tonight. Every single move made sense to me! I, I GUARANTEE, the glory is back in Portland! You can bank on it!

--Dave (