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Summer League

Right after the draft the Blazers' focus will shift to Summer League in Las Vegas.  I will be there for the entire run bringing you eyewitness updates, analysis, and photos.

If you are planning on attending make sure and stop by to say hello.  You'll be able to tell me and my photographer apart from most of the crowd because we'll be wearing official Blazersedge t-shirts.  If you're going to Vegas may I suggest you purchase one also if you haven't already?  Summer League is cozy and a ton of people will notice your shirt, perhaps making more people aware of the site and its popularity.  You can e-mail me to find out how to get yours.  I will also bring them along to Las Vegas if you want to save three bucks shipping and just buy one from me there.

Most Importantly... our good friend Ken who lives in the vicinity has helped organize an official Blazersedge get-together for those who are going to be at Summer League.  It will be at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, July 13th at Chapalas Mexican Restaurant, 2101 S. Decatur in Las Vegas.  If you're in town that night make plans to join us!

If you're going to be there but not on Friday you can still stop by and say hello.

--Dave (