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Getting Portland Involved

As long as all of this KG-to-Phoenix talk is swirling today I figured we might as well take a whack at getting Portland involved as a third trade partner.  How about this:

Portland trades Zach Randolph to Minnesota.

Minnesota trades Kevin Garnett to Phoenix and Trenton Hassell to Portland.

Phoenix trades Shawn Marion to Minnesota and Kurt Thomas, the 24th pick this year, and their right to Atlanta's pick next year (which I believe is unprotected) to Portland.

Phoenix gets their man at a relatively small cost.  That draft pick might hurt a little but in getting Garnett they're pretty much committed to winning now, not later, anyway.  Minnesota gets two very good forwards and gets to keep their #7 pick as well.  Portland gets a couple of role players but also gets another pick and an excellent pick next year.

Would you do it?  It works under the salary cap.

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