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Want Them Both?

There have been scenarios tossed left and right about how we could pry the #2 pick out of Seattle, most of them semi-silly.  But yesterday's Atlanta rumor put a question in my head.  I'm not claiming this ISN'T semi-silly but I want your reaction, not so much to the realism of the scenario, but theoretically would you do it if you could?

Portland sends Zach Randolph to Atlanta for Speedy Claxton's horrible contract, Lorenzen Wright's mediocre contract, and the #3 pick overall in the draft.

Portland then sends Brandon Roy, Lamarcus Aldridge, Martell Webster, Jarrett Jack, and the #3 pick to Seattle for Earl Watson's horrible contract, Chris Wilcox's horrible contract, and the #2 pick.

Both moves are legal and work under the cap.

You want both guys?  You got them.  You've decimated the team, basically turned Seattle into Portland with veteran talent and a very nice pick, and you've absorbed a lot of bad contracts.  However if you REALLY believe that Oden is the next big center and Durant is going to be Jordan that would be worth it, wouldn't it?

I'm especially curious to hear from Durant supporters.  Assume it's a lock that Portland picks Oden #1.  Would it be worth trading all that to get your guy also?  Is he that good?

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