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This Year's Disappointment

Reading Tip Off:  How the 1984 NBA Draft Changed Basketball Forever and hearing the stories of Sam Perkins and Terence Stansbury (review below) reminded me of an unpleasant fact of draft life:  somebody's going to be unhappy when all is said and done.  Any of the top ten picks can be considered an important, highly-placed selection.  The reality is, at least one of those guys just isn't going to work out like planned.

So let's ask...of the top ten picks (however you want to project them) which player do you deem most likely to be disappointing?  Now "disappointing" doesn't necessarily mean a complete bust or failure.  It could be a guy who turns out decent when he was expected to be the Next Great Thing.  (It could even be Oden or Durant that way.  I have a friend whose gut is telling him that selecting Durant #1 would be a big mistake...)  Which of the top ten guys do you think is going to give his eventual team a case of buyer's remorse?

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