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Convince Me

We are now exactly one week from the NBA Draft.  From what I've seen, read, and heard right now I'm about 97% in the Oden camp.  Apparently I have a lot of company around Blazer-land.  But we don't want to shut the door completely on other alternatives quite yet so I'm opening a thread today for all of you contrarians.

I know there are people out there either firmly in the Durant camp or at least not-so-firmly attached to Oden.  This is your hour.  Convince me why I should go with the 3% of my instinct instead of the 97%.  To make this fair, if you're firmly pro-Oden hold off from commenting in this thread and let the Durantophiles have their day.

I am serious that there's still a chance I'll change my mind, but I need honest, persuasive arguments why I should get behind a 7-footer who appears to be the next game-changing center.  If you've got 'em, spill 'em.

--Dave (