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Flying the Flag

I got this e-mail from Kevin, for what it's worth.  I usually don't do stuff like this (that's why God created sidebars...for advertising) but it appears it might help a good cause, so here you go:

The Blazers and Joe's Sports (formerly GI Joe's) are trying to get 1800 Blazer car flags on Oregonian's driving around the city.  An announcement should come out on Monday but the gist is this, Joe's stores will each have 108 flags for sale for $12.88 (with $2 of each flag sale going to the Blazers Boys and Girls Club).  The goal is to spread Blazermania throughout the city and hopefully raise $3600 for the Boys and Girls Club.  Here's the kicker, on draft day there will be photographers fanned out across the Portland Metro area taking pictures of cars flying their Blazer flags proudly and they will choose one of these pictures to appear in the Oregonian the next day, the driver of that car will receive a $500 gift card to Joe's!

I can't wait to see Blazer flags out in full force this next week, it's an exciting time to be a Blazer fan that's for sure!  It would be great if you could post this to your blog to get some exposure out there and help out the Boys and Girls club at the same time.

If you're around Joe's next Monday and you feel like your car isn't adorned sufficiently, check them out.  Even if you don't want a flag, consider donating $5 to your local Boys and Girls Club.  It's all good.

--Dave (