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Quick Strikes AGAIN: Oden and Durant Workout

Here is the JQ article on the surprise Greg Oden and Kevin Durant workout yesterday:


My favorite parts:

  1.  Quick relays the ripple of surprise that ran through the assorted scouts when Kevin Durant came out of the locker room in full uniform.  That turned into a tidal wave when Greg Oden followed.  You can just imagine it.  (And I've always said great story-telling is JQ's strongest suit.)
  2.  This:
In one drill, he [Oden] started with a layin, then weaved his way through cones to the free throw line for a shot. After making the shot, he would run to halfcourt, then race back to the top of the three-point arc for a shot. On his final repetition, he airballed his three-pointer. He asked for the ball again and was short. He tried again and swished the shot, raising his arms toward the NBA scouts in the stands while smiling.

That would be the kind of competitive spirit (confident he can do it, facing failure with resolve, but taking it all with a sense of humor and grace and not getting down) that you'd like to see.

--Dave (