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A Blogger's Request

The news came down today that the Memphis Grizzlies hired former Boston Celtics GM Chris Wallace as their new general manager and vice president of basketball operations.  They've also hired Marc Iavaroni as their new coach.  I think we all know what that means...

OK, Kevin...if you're reading, I've been a very good blogger.  I've been quiet and I post every day, sometimes multiple times, and I don't ask for much.  I don't criticize too much or drift into hyperbole in the name of getting a laugh.  I stick up for the team and I'm not always bugging you for interviews and inside information.  But please...this one time...I've got to ask.

Please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE go out and get ex-Memphis interim coach/front office guy Tony Barone and make him part of the staff somewhere.  Assistant to the president, second assistant GM...I don't care.  Just get this guy somehow...PLEASE?  The look...the suits...the accent...the blogging material there is just never ending.  It would make my job SO much easier!  Look, he can really help you too.

--When those teams call asking about deals for the #1 pick you can say, "Hold on...let me transfer you to my assistant."  (  "FUGGETABOUTIT!!!!!!!"

--If you need some extra oomph in a trade proposal just have Tony send some of the boys down to make them an offer they can't refuse.  I bet you get Deng and the #9 from Paxson easy.  He's always seemed like a lightweight to me.  He'll fold like a house of cards.

--In those weekly O-Live chats when Casey asks a semi-inappropriate/unanswerable question we go from, "Hmmmm...Kevin sounds annoyed" to "Uh oh, Casey's gonna get whacked."  Much better.

I mean...this kind of stuff never gets old.  It's a blogger's ace in the falling off a log and hitting water.

So please Kevin, just this me this favor...hire the guy.  In fact you may consider this the official "Hire Tony Barone" thread.  Join me, fellow Blazersedge readers!  Let us work together towards a lifetime of cheap, abundant, completely-unfair-yet-hilarious Italian-American stereotyping for all!

Hire this guy!

--Dave (