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Where does Zach Rank All-Time?

Since we're talking about Zach today, I'm interested where you think he belongs in the list of all-time Blazer greats.  Here are  Zach Randolph's Stats.  Below is a list of other Blazer legends.  Where in the list would you rank him?  You can be general ("about the same as Player X"), divide the list into tiers and stick him in one, or even flat out rank them all in order putting him in the appropriate spot.  It's up to you.

Here's the list:

Geoff Petrie

Sidney Wicks

Maurice Lucas

Bill Walton

Lionel Hollins

Jim Paxson

Calvin Natt

Kiki Vandeweghe

Clyde Drexler

Terry Porter

Cliff Robinson

Rod Strickland

Rasheed Wallace

If I left somebody out you think should be on there (in relation to Zach, as that's the point) feel free to add.  Also please explain why you put Zach where he is on your list.

--Dave (