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Yo, Bro, Zach Must Go

Today is the 18th of June which leaves just ten days until the draft and less than a month until free agent deals can be made official.  That means there's at least a possibility that we're looking at the last few weeks of Zach Randolph's tenure with the Blazers.

I've been as glib as anyone at considering (not necessarily advocating) options for Zach but once again during the mock draft we came up against the stark possibility that there may be few, if any, ideal trades for our semi-problematic forward.  In one way or another--salary, talent, injury history--we're probably going to have to compromise if we want to move him.

So let's hash this out one more time.  This thread is ONLY for those who want to see Zach moved.  (The "keep Zach" thread is right above.)  Here are the questions specifically:

  1.  WHY do you want to see Zach moved?
  2.  As best as you can, give me a percentage of how much his off-court stuff influences your opinion.  In other words, if Zach had a completely neutral off-court reputation--along the lines of a Joel Przybilla or something--how much would your motivation to deal him change?
Please answer both questions.  And again, only people who want to see Zach moved should post in this thread.

--Dave (