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The 2007 Blazersedge Mock Draft is complete!

To view the draft scroll down or click here.

My general reflections:

--This was a TON of work for all involved. Thank you so much to all of the GMs. I loved how seriously everybody took their positions. It was fascinating to watch you work. I hope part of your reward on draft night will be seeing whether your real-life counterparts thought the same as you did.

--The process was slow but I've already got a list of ways to streamline next year. Every other mock draft I know using this format is having the same issues.

--Participating in this process you start to see how things might work in real life. We had a lot of trades start and stop. Some were DOA. Others had wings for a while and even got some public rumor surrounding them but then died. Still others looked like they were done but then at the last minute something changed. I think this underscores that even with all the knowledge and skill in the NBA infrastructure a lot of things still come down to basic, human elements and relationships.

--Even though it was a ton of work this project generated massive amounts of feedback and input and for that alone it was SO worth it! Thank you all!

Over the weekend we'll have a short list of trades that were proposed but didn't get done.

Please use this thread to vote on which exec helped their team most. For these purposes Portland is NOT eligible, as it had no true GM. Whose moves besides the Blazers did you like best?