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Trade! Trade!

As you can see from our mock draft below BESPN commentators again broke in to the draft coverage just after Philadephia selected Tiago Splitter at #21 and while Charlotte was on the clock for pick #22.

Folks, we've just learned of another trade...two in fact.  Both of them involve the Portland Trailblazers and GM Kevin Pritchard, who for the second year in a row is among the most active GMs in the draft.

BESPN has learned that Portland has traded picks number 37 and 42 in the second round of this year's draft plus cash considerations to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for pick number 29 in the first round.

We have also learned that Portland has traded picks number 29 and 30 to the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for pick #22 about to be made.  Kevin Pritchard is, of course, deep in consultation and about to make the pick but a team spokesman said, and I quote, "Once again we have put ourselves in position to get a player we coveted."  There is no telling who that player may be.

Soooooo...tell us who that player may be!  The draft board is just below this post.  Don't forget that Tiago Splitter has gone at #21.  Who will the Blazers acquire with their new-found pick?  Voting will remain open until noon tomorrow.

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P.S.  IMPORTANT!  GMs with picks remaining please see the diary to the right.