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We continue with the mock draft today.  Check for updates throughout the afternoon and feel free to leave comments as things strike you.


  1.  Portland Trailblazers  Greg Oden
  2.  Seattle Supersonics  Kevin Durant
  3.  Atlanta Hawks  Al Horford
  4.  Memphis Grizzlies  Brandan Wright
  5.  Boston Celtics  Yi Jianlian
  6.  Milwaukee Bucks  Corey Brewer
  7.  Minnesota Timberwolves  Jeff Green
  8.  Charlotte Bobcats  Joakim Noah (Traded to Chicago)
  9.  Chicago Bulls  Spencer Hawes (Traded to Charlotte)
  10.  Sacramento Kings  Al Thornton
  11.  Atlanta Hawks  Acie Law
  12.  Portland Trailblazers (from Philadelphia)  Julian Wright
  13.  New Orleans Hornets  Nick Young
  14.   Los Angeles Clippers  Mike Conley Jr.
  15.   Detroit Pistons  Derrick Byars
  16.   Washington Wizards  Thaddeus Young
  17.   New Jersey Nets  Josh McRoberts
  18.   Golden State Warriors  Jason Smith
  19.   Los Angeles Lakers  Javaris Crittenton
  20.   Miami Heat  Rodney Stuckey

Mild excitement stirs as Commissioner David Stern approaches the podium.

But the mildness EVAPORATES as he says, "We have a DEAL to announce!

"The Chicago Bulls have traded Spencer Hawes and the right to picks #49 and #51 to the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for Joakim Noah"

And Commissioner Stern again approaches the podium. With the twenty-first pick in the 2007 NBA draft the Philadelphia 76'ers select Tiago Splitter from Brazil.

The Charlotte Bobcats are on the clock. But at this time BESPN news once again breaks in...