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Here we go!  Check this thread throughout the day as Blazersedge versions of NBA GMs select their way through the first round of the 2007 NBA draft.  I will e-mail each GM for their selection as their turn comes up.  Several BE versions of famous media-types have promised to add comments as well.

1. Portland Trailblazers Greg Oden
2. Seattle Supersonics Kevin Durant
3. Atlanta Hawks Al Horford
4. Memphis Grizzlies Brandan Wright
5. Boston Celtics Yi Jianlian
6. Milwaukee Bucks Corey Brewer
7. Minnesota Timberwolves Jeff Green
8. Charlotte Bobcats Joakim Noah
9. Chicago Bulls Spencer Hawes
10. Sacramento Kings Al Thornton
11. Atlanta Hawks Acie Law

The Philadelphia 76'ers are now on the clock. But wait! The news coverage is breaking in...

BESPN is cutting in to the 2007 draft coverage because we have learned of a trade just executed, and it’s a large one.

The Portland Trailblazers have traded Zach Randolph, Joel Przybilla, and Jarrett Jack to the Philadelphia 76’ers for Andre Miller, Kyle Korver, Steven Hunter and selections #12 and #30 from this year’s draft.

We go to Trailblazers GM Kevin Pritchard for comment.

It’s always difficult to lose a player with the talent level of Zach Randolph. But we have faith in our young core of big men…Lamarcus Aldridge and of course now Greg Oden. We wanted to give them the time and space to develop into leaders on the floor and that would have been difficult with Zach out there. We have filled two needs on our team with this trade, with Andre Miller providing excellent veteran experience at the point guard while some of our younger players develop and Kyle Korver giving us outside shooting that we lacked. Andre’s guiding hand will be particularly important with the rest of the team being so young. Of course we also value the contributions Jarrett Jack and Joel Przybilla have made to our team. We gave up a lot of talent but we also got a lot of talent in return. Plus we are very excited about who we can get with this next pick.

We should hopefully have comments from Philadelphia GM RockingHarder on the trade soon.

In the meantime…who is KP so excited about? Vote in the comment section of the post just above for who the Blazers will take with the 12th pick. The voting will be open until noon tomorrow.