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The Blazersedge Mock Draft: Pick #1

With the first selection of the 2007 NBA Draft the Portland Trailblazers select...

We're going to hear those very words in less than three weeks.  

And so begins our Blazersedge Mock Draft.  The GMs are (mostly) set.  The picks are ready.  Let's get to it.

All Blazer picks will be decided by popular vote.  Register your vote (one per customer) below.  Because I have unbreakable commitments this afternoon the rest of the draft will commence tomorrow.  You have a full day to vote.

For many of you this will seem like a "DUH!" decision but pretend it's not so.  Assume that Kevin Pricthard really is on the fence over these guys and YOUR analysis could push him one way or another.  Who do you say we pick?

--Dave (