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Small (Forward) Quandary

We've talked about a ton of small fowards since the season ended, both current and potential.  So let's get to the heart of the matter...or if not at least make some tough choices.

Let's say for purposes of this argument you can pick two, and ONLY two, of the following players to come to/stay on the team and all the rest of them are going to be gone sooner or later.  Which two would you pick to carry the small forward spot for the next few years?

Ime Udoka
Martell Webster
Darius Miles
Travis Outlaw (if you believe Travis is a small forward)
Andres Nocioni
A new guy acquired through pick 9
A new guy acquired through pick 11 (assume it will cost more than Jarrett)
A new guy acquired through pick 12 (assume it will involve Zach somehow)

Please choose only one pick, not two.

Note that the presence of Nocioni on this list assumes a handshake deal between Portland and Chicago involving Zach for Andres and the #9.  You are free to choose Nocioni and someone else (not a pick) because you are not required to use #9 on another SF.  But Nocioni WILL be one of your small fowards then no matter what.  He'll also be semi-expensive and longish-term.  No such strings attach to numbers 11 and 12.

Do be realistic about who you can get with these picks.  If you think a guy is really, really instantly and game-changing good chances are he will NOT be available with #12!  Choose #9 or nothing.  Don't give yourself leeway to hope other teams are blind and pass up good players.  (It could happen, but assume not.)

One position...two names.  Which ones do you choose?

--Dave (