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Ten Words or Less: The Future

It's time to introduce our substantial collection of new commentators to a fine old feature here at the site:  Ten Words or Less.  (For you strident grammarians...yes, I know it's properly "fewer" but that don't sound as good.)  The basic idea is that you comment on the subject any way you please as long as your thoughts do not exceed ten words in length.

Today's subject:

It seems obvious to me that most EVERYTHING changed the moment the Blazers' envelope was revealed atop the lottery ten days ago.  Fans once arguing over chump change are now dreaming about championships.  There's a pep in the conversational step around Blazer Nation not seen since the early 90's really.  Frankly I think this suits us much better than the other.  Unlike noted author Matt Love I think Blazermania and the championship were quite intertwined.  It wasn't just fan support, but fan support of a very, very good team that played in a distinctive, unselfish style with flair and talent.  If you scratch very deep beneath a Blazer fan you will usually find a person who expects to win...and win a bunch.

So here's the question:  What DOES the future hold for this team?  You know our players.  You know our pick.  You know our resources and the people running the show.  Look into your crystal ball and tell us what you see.

Since this is the first time for many, we'll bring out the famous chestnut that started it all:

Much like the old lady on Price Is Right who can't get the wheel all the way around, anyone using eleven words or more will be roundly booed.

--Dave (