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Pipe Dreams

One of the big names being batted around this off-season will be Jermaine O'Neal.  For the right package Indiana supposedly might be willing to let him go.  Over the years the "Jermaine likes Portland and wants to come back" mantra has seen nearly as much play as the "Hakeem was seen shopping for houses in Lake Oswego" rumor used to.  It comes up almost every year.  So now that it looks like reality might be catching up with fantasy and J.O. could potentially be on the move, would you want him if we could get him?  His salary runs three more years at $20, 21, and 23 million per.  Here are his stats.  (Note especially games played in the last three years.)  Assume we'd have to deal Zach and one of our younger players plus cap filler (probably either Joel or Dickau and Jones) to get him.

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