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Blazersedge End of Season Awards: Final Results

Here are the final results for the season-ending awards you voted on last week.

Team MVP:  Zach Randolph  66%
Brandon Roy  33%

(Somebody tried to Swirsky the vote with a nod to Luke Schenscher but unlike the NBA we're sensible here and we're disallowing it.)

Rookie of the Year
Given by unanimous (although technically unvoted on) ballot to Brandon Roy.

Most Improved Player:  Travis Outlaw  44%
Zach Randolph  28%
Jamaal Magloire, Raef LaFrentz, Ime Udoka, Sergio Rodriguez, and Darius Miles all tied with 5.6%

Most Inspirational Player:  Ime Udoka  77%
Brandon Roy  23%

Most Surprising Player (positively):  Ime Udoka  27%
Lamarcus Aldridge  23%
Sergio Rodriguez  19%
Zach Randolph  15%
Brandon Roy  12%
Jamaal Magloire  4%

Most Disappointing Player: Martell Webster and Joel Przybilla tied with 46%
Jamaal Magloire 4%
Zach Randolph  4%

Thanks for voting everybody!

--Dave (