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Since the subject of the day is point guards, let's take a moment to talk about the Blazers' other one.  I know we went through the entire roster a couple of weeks ago but "The Pick" has changed a lot of things in the Blazer Universe.  (More on that tomorrow.)  A change in people's perceptions of the quality and worth of players is evident in almost every word spoken.  Guys like Martell and Travis and maybe even Ime who had seemed key to the team's future when we perceived ourselves as a struggling also-ran have moved to the back burner a little bit in fans' minds now that we're getting visions of deep playoff runs.  Note I'm not saying they're actually less important, just that it seems they're perceived that way in all the hubbub.  

No Blazer experienced more fan support relative to their contributions last year than Sergio.  So where does he stand now and what is his future?  There's been a fair amount of talk about Mike Conley.  (Whether that's possible or not is another matter.)  There has been some about acquiring a veteran like Andre Miller.  There's also been talk about liking Jack and some about Roy sliding over and manning the point.  Where does Sergio stand in the new Blazer regime?  Is he still hopefully a starting point guard someday...the Nash-like North Star in our brilliant constellation?  Is he a bench player?  Is he trade bait?  Or is he simply last year's fad who will now assume his place alongside Martell on the sinner's bench as the new crop of rookies comes in?  How important is Sergio to this team's future and what conditions (among them Oden or Durant) make him less or more important?

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