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Theme Songs

For your lunchtime/afternoon consideration let's talk a little bit of music.  I was thinking the other day about how it would be kind of cool to connect Blazer players (and other prominent figures) with theme music, much like they do in baseball.  I don't mean you'd play different songs during starting introductions, but you might play a short clip when a guy is shown on the big screen, when he checks in off the bench, or of course on highlight reels.

Which theme songs would you match with prominent Blazer figures?

My contribution in honor of the good fortune/karma/luck Kevin Pritchard has brought to the organization would be to make his Stevie Wonder's "Superstition".  (You can't beat that riff anyway.)  Maybe that's lame though.  I'm pretty sure you can do better.  

--Dave (

P.S. How about all of you NCAA basketball geniuses stop bogarting us on the point guards available, drop down a couple posts, and give us a list? I'm pretty sure KP's magic book of draft prospects includes a point guard evaluation or two just in case...