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Jack of All Trades?

Don't miss the power forward draft board below (and if you're Kevin Pritchard don't miss the Official Blazersedge Trade Proposal posted yesterday afternoon) but the main question of the day has to do with our nominal starting point guard.

Next to Zach no name is coming up more in trade suggestions than Jarrett Jack.  In fact the other live possibilities--Martell, Joel, a re-signed Travis--are barely getting a peep while Jack's name gets mentioned again and again.

This question is fascinating to me because Jarrett is one of those middle ground players right now.  I think most people like his attitude, solid play, and steady improvement.  The coaching staff seems to value his leadership.  It's hard not to like his size or his body at the point guard position.  Plus many (perhaps myself included) see intangibles in him that could make him special.

On the other hand I think most people would also be willing to part with young Master Jack if the return were strong enough.  There's some question of whether he's a true point guard, whether he duplicates Brandon Roy's offensive skill set a little too much, and whether he can defend.  Plus a lot of people like Sergio behind him anyway and everybody loves the prospect of a new draft pick (whether that's reasonable or not).

In short there's a small cadre of folks who are screaming not to trade him and another modest group who are lobbying to trade him and a whole bunch of people in the middle.

So flat we trade him?  And if so for what price?  

Personally I'm leaning towards no unless KP sees an opportunity to grab a guy he considers a true A-level player and Jarrett is part of the package to get him.  My hunch is that at worst Jarrett will end up being one of the most solid B-level players you could hope for and will help a team plenty.   I also think it remains to be seen if Jarrett belongs as a starting point guard or as a combo guard off the bench.  Depending on how Sergio ends up one or the other of those just may not suit us.  Deciphering that involves a significant amount of prognostication on two players which makes this a very difficult question.

Any thoughts?

--Dave (