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Quick Zach Article

Jason Quick's  official Zach article is up at O-Live.  This complements the blog entry we referenced last night and includes many quotes from Zach himself.

As I read it somewhere in between the lines lies the sense that Zach is not confident at all he'll be here next year.  You usually have to take what a player says and multiply its intensity by three or four to get the real meaning.  "I'm definitely not going anywhere" means "More than likely I won't go".  "I want to be here next year" means "Chances are I'm going to be shopped."  Zach named his criteria for teams he'd like to go to so draw your own conclusions.

Quick also expanded on the Pritchard quote from his blog about not having made a single phone call about a Zach trade.  In addition to the obvious loophole about receiving calls about Zach this modifier was added:

And I'm not going to right now.  What we have to do right now is get this draft and make the right decision.

None of this proves anything but I think there's ample wiggle room in there to think whatever you wish about the situation.  As far as denials go, this one is probably slightly across the middle line towards the weak end.  Not conclusive, but not a ringing endorsement either.

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