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Massive Coverage

Now that the Blazers have secured the #1 pick you can't swing a cat around here without hitting a Blazer article or column.  Bonus for us, I guess!  Here is the daily sampling:

--By far the most interesting (and likely to produce the most comments), Dwight Jaynes pulls out a full-automatic pen (no lever or pump action pull of the trigger clears the field) and drills holes in everyone who isn't ducking low enough, including Durant fans, Conley supporters, folks who think Kevin Pritchard walks on water, and John Canzano for this column published over the weekend.

After that spicy appetizer you'll be ready for Kerry Eggers' main course, a comprehensive article on the various aspects of the Blazers' due diligence in the draft process and Kevin Pritchard's thoughts on the upcoming draft.

Then Jason Quick offers a nice little snack talking about the Orlando pre-draft camp, the changes in NBA rules about meeting players, and how that affects the Blazers.

Enjoy nibbling around today folks, but don't let all that eating spoil your Blazersedge dinner!

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