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T-Shirt Update

In celebration of the end of the season, the #1 pick, and because I just liked the designs I ordered a small new run of t-shirts.  This is different than the eariler batch for a couple of reasons:

  1.  Except for three that have been promised to Jorga, Fromagnon, and MattD none of them will be given out as prizes now or in the future.
  2.  The supplies are very, very limited.  If you order one of these shirts you will be one of about a dozen people in the entire universe that have one (besides yours truly).  I have only about 7 larges and 7 extra larges in each style.  (Sorry, because of the small run I didn't order other sizes.  The XL's look like they could cover a 2XL person and the larges might be fashionably baggy on a medium.)
The designs are shown below.  If you'd like one e-mail me at and I'll tell you how to get one.  Because the runs were so short these cost more than our standard shirts.  The price is $18 per shirt and that includes shipping (making your actual shirt price about $15 if you're counting).  

Limited Edition Shirt #1:  The Roy-Bot
UPDATE: The Roy-Bot shirts are already almost gone in Size L. If you want a large, e-mail quickly.



Limited Addition Shirt #2:  The KP  (These look really cool in person.)



I also have a limited number of the original Blazersedge shirt run left and those are $13 including shipping.  I have the following sizes:

One 4XL, One 3 XL, One XL, and Four Larges

The shirts look like this



I was wearing one of these original Blazersedge shirts the night we went for (and got) 1,000 comments in one post and the night we won the lottery, so they appear to be good luck.

As I said, the way to get any of these is to e-mail me.  If you want one order quickly because I can't re-order in less quantity than I have now.

These are the last shirts that will be offered until next season.

--Dave (