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Quick Update

There's a FANTASTIC update on Jason Quick's blog about Kevin Pritchard calling Zach Randolph and Jarrett Jack to talk about the swirling trade rumors.  It gives some insight into Pritchard's mindset--at least his publicly-stated mindset which may be different than his private one (and appropriately so).  Great read.

Have I mentioned how much I love the increased flow of information and speculation now that the Blazers are a front-burner item in town again?  We're lucky to have the people who can pick up the ball and run with it like this too.  Between Quick, Holdahl, Jaynes, Eggers, and Hendrickson we have to have one of the best informed (or at least best taken care of) fan bases around.  Every morning and evening it seems like there's something new to chew on.  Ahhhhh...paradise.

--Dave (

P.S. Don't take those phone calls as assurances that Zach and/or Jarrett won't be traded. In fact if you have to get a phone call in the first place it usually means your position is less secure than it could be. You think Tim Duncan ever gets to chat with his GM like that? However it probably does indicate that KP is taking a more centrist position than much of the fan base (again at least publicly and again appropriately so).