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Good News For Diaries!

We have solved the "Diary falling off the page" problem!  Our wonderful tech support guy has changed the default number of diaries that display on the page to 20 instead of 10 so even on our busiest days they should stay in view for a reasonable amount of time.

The bad news is...this only changes the default setting for new accounts.  Which means all of you who have already signed up only see 10 still.  This is easily fixed.  Scroll down the diary list until you get to the bottom and you'll see a box that says Show [10] diaries and a "Set" button beside it.  Just change the "10" to "20" and click "Set" and you're up to speed.

I think it's sort of important that we all see the same page and we're all reading the same stuff so please do make this change.

--Dave (