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Blazersedge Conversational Rules

Since the site continues to grow by leaps and bounds it's necessary to review and update the site rules upon occasion. This will become a permane nt link in the sidebar so you can refer to it at any time.

There aren't many, but they're important and iron-clad, so please read carefully.

  1. If you quote an outside source you must give credit to that source with a link and only quote a small portion. Two or three sentences is generally the maximum allowed. See the HTML Hints thread if you're not sure how to quote or post links.
  2. Ad hominem arguments/attacks are not allowed here.
  3. This is a non-profanity site. I swear at home and so do you, but the standards for public conversation are higher than they are in your den and I do not apologize for that. Note that this also includes disguised swearing. The all-symbols substitute ($#%#) is allowable because it does not lead anyone to think any word they don't want to. (And it brings up warm, fuzzy associations with childhood comics like Hi and Lois and Hagar the Horrible.) But even ONE letter with symbols is not allowed!
  4. Like every other conversation site on the planet we do not allow obviously offensive comments based on race, orientation, religion, and the like.
  5. Do not violate my pet peeves, which all have to do with bad/abusive/unfair conversational styles. In other words, don't be "THAT guy". Typical characteristics of THAT guy:
  • He posts something and then responds to every...single...comment with an overly-defensive comment of his own, not letting people have real conversation about his points.
  • He talks about the person posting instead of the post and its points/ideas.
  • He begins posts with phrases like, "If you had actually watched the game..." or "If you knew anything about basketball..."
  • He makes comparisons between basketball matters and things FAR beyond their scope, things in such poor taste that the mere mention of them obliterates any valid basketball-related conversation. ("The refs were the Nazis and we were the Jews tonight!")

6. All off-topic discussion must be limited to occasional posts specifically designed for such. Blazer-related conversation is not allowed in off-topic posts. A thread is either on-topic or off-topic, not a mix of both.

7. Discussions of religion and politics are not encouraged and are subject to deletion should they be deemed out of context or likely to create conversation so off-topic and controversial as to detract from the site's mission (which they almost always will).

8. Public discussion of site moderation is not allowed, as it quickly devolves into a fruitless distraction. If you have questions or concerns about moderation you can e-mail Dave at

A note on Fanposts and Fanshots

Fanposts and Fanshots are your voice. Remember the following:

  • All the rules listed above apply in the Fanposts and Fanshots.
  • A Fanpost is generally 75 words or more, eliciting deeper thought and conversation. A Fanshot is generally 75 words or less and is a one-shot link, photo, or brief idea. Please organize your posts accordingly.
  • Do not duplicate other Fanposts and Fanshots or repeat topics or links that are already fully covered on the main page.
  • Do not post more than two Fanposts or Fanshots in a single day. Leave room for others.
    If you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me any time.

--Dave (