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Weekend Musings Part Two: Reliving Tuesday Night

The open thread for Tuesday night's lottery drawing has now gone off the main page.  I'm kind of sad to see it go.  That was one heck of a time.  I have actually gone back and read through the comment section two or three times now.  It's not that the comments are that unusual.  It's a great real-time diary of a great moment and a nice slice of what it means to be a Blazer fan.  If you haven't read through them yet, or even if you have and were part of it, I'd encourage you to do so at least once.  You've got the small-talk and banter beforehand, the obligatory list of superstitions, nervous humor and chatter giving way to impatience and anticipation as the drawing approaches, the countdown, the critical moments, the's actually pretty dramatic.  It's like watching a movie that has a scene in it that's so good it never gets old so even though you know how it ends you watch it over and over.  Maybe it's an indy film instead of a big-budget blockbuster, but darn it, it still rocks! From BothTeam's opening ping-pong ball visualization to JayseyField's ultra-appropriate closing benediction, "Let the good times begin!" it's a four-star classic.  And every time I get to those in-drawing comments and the crucial moment I just smile.

Anyway, I'm not only linking the thread here I'm going to put a permanent link in the sidebar.  If you ever get depressed or forget why it's good to be a Blazer fan it should be a good pick-me-up.

This is also a nice chance to be thankful we live in an age where technology allows us to connect like this.  I have often said that I don't do anything different writing this blog than I always have.  It's just now I do it on a screen and in conversation with other people instead of in my head.  That's a nifty opportunity.  It's also really cool when you consider that we all could have ended up watching in our living rooms alone Tuesday night, screaming our fool heads off in joy with nobody around to share that moment.  It still would have been special, but being able to do it together here with people who kind of feel like Blazer family (and then reading the tidal wave of comments afterwards from people celebrating all through the night) made it even more special.  Maybe one day I'll get to live out my ultimate dream of blogging live when the Blazers win it all  (remind me, by the way, to ask about that bigger server before we go deep into the playoffs)  but until then I imagine this was pretty darn close to what it would feel like.  Thanks all, and happy reading!

2007 Lottery Drawing Live Thread

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