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Poetry in Motion

Dr Dave won the poetry contest near-unanimously (I think somebody Swirskied him) and is the official Poet Laureate for Blazersedge for the 2007-08 campaign.  Appropriately he sent in the following in response to the news both of his victory and that of the Blazers last night.

   Help From Above

Somewhere up in the heavenly realms

In the mists of the great beyond

Where light is so bright ne'r a shadow's in sight

Rang a truth in the form of a song:

     Let the last one be the first

     Let favor to him belong

      Let the poor say "I am rich"

       Let the weak say "I am strong"

                     * * * * * * *

Out of the boundless celestial throne

Leapt a galloping warrior horse

And on it's back, in battle tack

An angel....on an earthward course

       Make my mission sure and true

        Let justice have it's way

         For history is about to change

         In the City of Roses today

From the great Cascades to the mighty shore

From Tenmile to Wagontire

A thundering, a shaking, a violent quaking

As angel and earth conspire

        It's been long enough. We've seen your pain

         Not a tear has fallen in vain

          But don't call it luck, karma or fate

          By design it has been ordained

          With the pick of the litter - a word of advice:

          Take advantage of what you've been given

           Let wisdom be guide, with pride by her side

            Any less, you will not be forgiven

                           * * * * * * *

Somewhere up in the heavenly realms

In the mists of the great beyond

A smile is gracing the face of a great king

From his mouth flows the words to a song:

         Now the last has been made first

          All is right in the great Northwest

           The poor are rich: the weak are strong

            It's been a long day....can I get some rest?