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Blazersedge Draft Board: Small Forward

We'll continue our look at potential draftees today with small forwards.  As with yesterday, try to go as in-depth on as many players as you know about, using any criteria you find useful.

We got lots of great comments on centers yesterday (and you can still add to that post) but it occurred to me as I read through them that we need a way to quantify this to make it useful.  So somewhere in your discussion of small forwards give us your Top 5 list.  We'll assign them points, 5 for a first place vote, 3 for second, 2 for third, 1 for 4th and 5th.  We'll use the cumulative scoring to weight our overall board at the end of the whole project.  If you don't have five players in mind that's OK, just list three or four.  Also go ahead and talk about players outside of your top five if you know about them and we'll put them in an "honorable mention" category for later discussion.

Again, the goal is to have as comprehensive of a list as possible by the end of the week so next week we can start talking about draft permutations and ranking the players overall.  Eventually we're going to have an entire mock draft so it's important to get those names out there now.  Thanks for your research and assistance.

--Dave (