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Answering Casey's Question

You may notice in the Quick Chat just below that Casey asked Kevin Pritchard a question he couldn't really answer.  No, not "Who are you going to draft", the other one.  He asked Kevin why he thought he was so popular, getting 98% approval in the Oregonlive "You Be the GM" poll.  So let's give the gentlemen some help.  Why is KP so popular?

Obviously some of it is the improving team, and the fact that every rookie he's had his hands on (at least officially) looks to be turning into gold.  But is there more than that?  What exactly makes KP chime so well with Blazer fans right now?  Personal qualities?  Philosophy?  Brilliant PR image?  Environment? That cute little way his forehead crinkles when he says "culture"?  What?

Let us know below.  You never know...the man himself might come by and read.

--Dave (