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All Set?

For those who are not poetically inclined (see post below) we offer the following topic for the day.

Things are looking up in Blazerland in a variety of areas.  In the wake of those signs of improvement come a host of expectations.  If you polled Blazer fans today I think you'd find strong assumptions that our rookies are going to get better and lead us into the playoffs at some not-too-distant point.  You'd probably also find confidence high that Kevin Pritchard will be able to pull off another strong draft and that he'll be in contention for Executive of the Year in the near future.  You might even find a lot of people assuming we're going to be able to make an advantageous, possibly blockbuster, deal this very summer.  Heck, I share some of those assumptions too.

Then again there's another side of me that says one of the golden rules of the NBA is that stuff happens.  Injuries, draft mistakes, bad contracts...these are nearly impossible to see from the front side and they can really ruin your day (or your decade).  

Fans of nearly every team assume there will be a natural progression of improvement.  The Warriors just got eliminated from the playoffs but I guarantee you in the next few days we'll see posts from their fans saying how they're going to gel even more next year, Monta Ellis will develop into a star, and so logically they'll be in the conference finals in 07-08.  From a detached, outside perspective I don't see that happening...or at least not so easily.  That's the point.  It doesn't always happen the way we expect, nor as easily.

So here's the question:  Is the table set for KP and the guys to form this wondrous team we're all anticipating or are we jumping the gun a little?  How surprised will you be if the Blazers don't improve significantly in the next couple of years?  And what happens you as a fan as well as to the team?  What's Plan B here?

Answer any way you wish below.

--Dave (