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Player-by-Player: Raef LaFrentz

The subject of the day is Raef LaFrentz.  Seeing as how Disney got so much exposure from our Tigger/Eeyore battle, Warner Brothers demanded equal time and treatment.  They sent over a couple of their biggest stars to discuss our erstwhile center.  No, not Bugs and Elmer.  We're not GoldenStateofMind, after all.  But these guys are almost as famous.

Our first speaker will talk about the possibilities that Kevin Pritchard and company saw in Raef coming into the season and the difference a healthy Raef might make next year.


Nee-beep!  P-ting!

Nee-beep!  Nee-beep!  P-ting!  P-ting!




Well, yes...that was well put.  Raef's outside shooting could make a difference, opening up the middle and giving us potential for a quicker offense.  And he does rebound and block shots a little.  For what it's worth Jason Quick shares your optimism about his potential contributions, even going so far as saying he'll be the surprise player for the Blazers next year.

Our next speaker, however, offers a rebuttal.  I believe he intends to talk about the season Raef had this year and offer some kind of cost/benefit analysis based on Raef's contract versus his production.


Weekee...  Weekee... Weekee...  Weekee...

Scritch!  Scritch!  Scritch...PWOOF!






Pszszszszszsszszsszszsszszszssz...  Whuf!  Pszszszszszsszszsszszsszszszssz...
Whuf!  Whuf!  Whuf!  Whuf!  Pszszszszszsszszsszszsszszszssz...ting!







WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Scrabble...scrabble...scrabble... Whooop!

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Scrabble...scrabble...scrabble... Whooop!



Yeah...that's pretty much what I thought too.

 $24.5 million over the next two years will buy you a lot of ACME product, but in the end what good will it do you?

Feel free to weigh in on the debate below.  Is there any chance of getting anything out of Raef or was he just the world's most bloated throw-in ever on the Brandon Roy deal?  If we are going to get something out of him what kind of game do we have to play?  His stats are here if you need them.

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