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How to Make 1692 Salem Look Like a Tea Party

Kerry Eggers ran his usual "Fair Game" column at the Tribune today.  As usual he had a small blurb about the Blazers, specifically these words from and about Kevin Pritchard:

Rookie of the year Brandon Roy - who will represent the Blazers at the NBA draft lottery May 22 in Secaucas, N.J. - would seem to be enough of a lucky charm. But General Manager Kevin Pritchard wants more as the Blazers, slotted No. 6 in the draft, hope to move into Kevin Durant or Greg Oden country.

"I'm asking for the whole city of Portland to bring us good luck by thinking positive thoughts on lottery day," Pritchard says. "You can never have enough of that."

I know KP was trying to be positive and make the fans feel involved and all (albeit in a semi-cheesy way) but a blind man can foresee what's going to happen on forums, message boards, and blog comments if we should end up with the seventh pick or something:


XarXar: Sorry guys. I was rummaging around in my closet just before the draft and I found an old picture of my cat "Fluffy" that I used to have as a kid. (sniff) I loved that cat.

That's IT!  You're a dead man!"

Then XarXar has to live the rest of his online life being known as the guy who blew the Oden/Durant thing for us.  Thanks a lot, buddy.  We could be winning championships if it weren't for you.

I gotta tell you though, it would help me visualize better if they'd give me the 50-odd combinations than would allow the Blazers to win.  It's much harder to visualize four random balls that I can't see popping out here that match that list that I can't see sitting over there.  Kevin, if you want to peek at the list on the big day and text me a certain combo I'd be happy to spread the visualizing word.  We all do what we can, after all.

By the way Kerry also has some stuff about Paul Allen and Pritchard's views on the liquidity of second-rounders. Given the astonishing leaps of logic around FanTown those are sure to engender even more possible Kevin Garnett trade scenarios.  Wheeeeee.

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