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Player-by-Player: Dan Dickau

Today's debate subject is Dan Dickau.  Dan's flying a little below the radar so we couldn't get true celebrity guests to come in.  We're making due with quasi celebrities from right here at Blazersedge.  To start things off it's not other than...that's right...your friendly blogger DAVE!


I'm not even going to try to be funny like the guest commentators we've had.  That's not my strength.  I'm supposed to argue the "pro" side and admittedly that's a little hard to do given Dan's production this year.  There are a lot of things I'm not in love with.  I'm not in love with his .358 overall field goal percentage or his .262 clip from beyond the arc.  Neither his height nor his defense make me swoon.  And I especially don't like how we signed him up to be a point guard but the whole second half of the season he came in and started jacking up shots.  However you have to say this for him...he does make stuff happen.  I mean, what else is he going to do?  A lot of guys who get such limited, sporadic minutes fade into the hardwood when they do get a chance to play.  Dan knows how to play, how to push it, and where to get his shots up (even if they sometimes come more frequently than I'd like to see).  If he's going down he's not going to go down quietly.  He's going to make an imprint.  More people should have that kind of heart and drive.  I can absolutely respect that.  Also you have to admit that when he's on Danger Dan can really light it up.  If he were a little bit taller or a better defender he might be able to fill an instant offense role.  Alas I doubt that's in the cards.  My guess is if he got more minutes we'd see more good things from him but I don't think there's going to be a ton of minutes for him on this team, which probably makes him unhappy.  It wouldn't hurt a bit to keep him on the team but a change of scenery may leave everybody more satisfied.

And now with the con side...Fatty!!!


dave i could,nt have said it better he's already been replaced by tea, all-rookie*roy-b.roy,and pricthard is looking for his star 3 so little fuzz hair time is running out for you kiddo!!!! i'm tired of being a bland ballclub my god i get that with the not see la.angels*c.flames.i need excitement back and 4.yrs of lottery is enough i'm tired of it !!! ain't everybody in this room tired of being a lottery team.  you guys need to wacth some real stars like b.davis the same b.davis that the mastermind j.nash said could'nt play in portland.also duncan ,ginobli,and parker,nash,marion,amare and barbosa lebron,j*kidd,vince,and deng*gordon and last but not least the 2new blossoming satrs in front of america's eyes boozer8d.williams in that's starpower babee.that's what's needed in portland starpower.not wishing upon a star like zbo,outlaw,roy is a good player and of course martell.gang it's starpower and it's great too i said you guys never think big only mimimal that's why some of you think the way you b.roy told c.cowherd last week his goal is to become an perrenial all*star why so every person in america knows his name.he's not talking winning rings he's talkin putting himself world wide people not just kid he knows his future is very very bright $$$$$$.so you guys still hoping that your guys are wannabee's stars mr.roy knows getting to n.orleans next winter will just be the beginning of his fame on the national scale not just pioneer.sq people.  Jazz knicks jazz jazz Pritchard deron williams*carlos boozer emmanuel...and you softee fans that just like local guys like shaggy head dickau can go cry to your teddy bears when hes traded!!!!!

Hmmm...eloquent as always. Which side do you fall on?  In case you'd like to weigh in on Dan's future his stats are here.

--Dave (

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